Your BFF can help your budget

There are few more treasured things in your adult life than a handful of really, really solid BFFs (Best Friends Forever). While you may not always find as much time as you’d like to spend time with them-between the kids and work- it is super important to continue to nurture your friendships.

Obviously, your friendships are a crucial part of your work-life balance, but did you know that your friends can play a crucial role in helping you keep your household on budget?


Living a frugal life is not always easy, especially in our buy-now-pay-later, temptation filled society. Like when you are adopting any habit that requires some behaviour modification, a little verbal and emotional support can go a long way in helping you stay on track. They can help you celebrate your successes and give you advice when you fall off of the budgetary bandwagon.

Communicate your goals with your friends and solicit their support. Better yet, get them on board with your frugality too.

Share and share alike

You don’t just share secrets with your BFF. You can share clothing (for you and for your kids) and babysitting too. Don’t be shy if your friend has an item that you’d like to borrow (especially if it is something that requires a relatively short use period, like a play pen or high chair). Chances are you’ll be able to return the favour!

Shop together

One of the greatest ways to shave down your grocery budget is to buy in bulk. However, if you end up wasting half of the food you buy because you’ve got too much, you erode your savings pretty quickly.

Hit your local warehouse together or stock up when things are on sale. Take advantage of “Buy one, get one free.” If you plan to shop together, not only are you splitting the savings, you can car pool and save on gas too.

Two sets of eyes…

What is the most important part in scoring the best deals? Finding them in the first place! If you and your BFF are committed to scouring sites and subscribing to email promotions and sites, you can share the wealth (think daily deal sites, and retailer websites).