Tag: Credit card debt

It’s time to tackle your holiday debt
You don't have to wait til the bills come in the mail to tackle holiday debt! You can start today - and here's how!
When good people have bad credit
Life happens, and unexpected events can cause things to go financially wrong. If your credit score has suffered as a result, you need to build it back up.
Change your credit-tude
We live in an impulsive society. The desire to "have things now" can trump the necessity of being able to "pay for things now" - and then we rely on credit.
Frugality is fun!
Frugality is fun. Reason being, is that living a frugal life will deliver you more directly towards your financial goals and how fun is that!
Spring Clean Your Finances

After a long and cold Canadian winter, spring tends to bring signs of hope and renewal. As days grow longer and trees begin to bud, spring is the perfect time to clean up our finances, reduce debt and let our financial health bloom. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your […]