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Getting your friends onside with your frugality
Living frugally has many benefits, but sometimes it can cause friction with your friends. Here are a few ways to smooth that over.
10 ways to generate fast cash for the holidays
Holiday shopping season means rising expenses. Unless you're getting a raise, you might want to think about ways to get extra cash into your pocket.
Save money without using coupons
Couponing can save you a lot of money but it can also be a major hassle. Here are a few ways to enjoy the same benefits without clipping another coupon!
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“Frugal” is not a bad word!
Frugality is different from being "cheap." Getting the most out of your money is a good thing and it will help you achieve your financial goals.
Take your summer holidays in September!
Summer might be winding down but that doesn't mean you can't still hit the road. September travel has a lot of benefits, not least of which the great savings.