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Frugal home repairs
Not all home repairs are as hard as you might think. With a little work you can make home repairs yourself to avoid the cost of calling a repairman.
Your local energy savers
Home energy costs can bust your budget if you don't take steps to keep your utility bills low. These energy saving tips helps prevent budget draining.
How to scrounge for your mortgage down payment
It's going to be tougher to get a mortgage in 2016, but it may be for the better. Here are some ways to cut costs and build up that down payment.
Your house can make you money
Your house is probably the most valuable asset you own, but it's not exactly liquid cash. Here are a few ways you can get money from your house!
Jumping in the homeowner pool? Test the water first.
Buying a house is a goal for many young people, but it requires careful consideration and planning -- an impulse purchase could lead to financial ruin.