How to boost your financial confidence

Do you feel like you are in control of your financial future? Why not? Chances are that a lack of financial confidence is to blame. Here are some tips on how you can improve your financial confidence, make better financial decisions and move towards achieving your financial goals.

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The very best way to become more confident with your money? Become more knowledgeable. The more you know, the more you will know about your options. You are much less likely to make mistakes when you fully understand the implications of your decisions, which comes with reading, research and asking questions.
Get a partner
Whether it is your spouse, BFF or financial planner, get on board with someone that you trust. Better yet, buddy up with someone who has the knowledge to share with you. They can be your sounding board to help you talk through your financial concerns while offering an alternative perspective.
Don’t be afraid of failure
Recognize that, in the pursuit of your financial goals, you are going to hit bumps along the way. Anticipate them and they won’t cause setbacks and cause you to lose faith in your abilities. Be open to changing up your financial plans or redefining your goals as necessary.
Adopt a money mantra
Do you have a saying or belief that appeals to you about money or about making positive changes in your life? Adopting (and living) a mantra can help reinforce your goals and your belief in yourself. Say it out loud and say it often. Start your day with it, to get off on the right foot.
Help others
By nailing financial concepts and sharing your information with others, your confidence will grow and grow. It helps to be able to break down ideas and share them in your own words.