Budget décor tips

With the steady stream of design media for inspiration, do you long for a home makeover? Sure- that sounds great, but what if it isn’t in the budget?

budget decor

Fear not- you can refresh your space by using some clever design tips that have big impact and low cost.
Hang painted canvases
You can completely change the look of your space by hanging a few key focal pieces on your walls. If you don’t have the budget to buy masterpieces, or are lacking in the artistic skill department, you can still produce some quality artwork.
Buy large blank canvases and spray paint them. For greater effect, use bright and bold colours.
Bring nature inside
You don’t have to go the home design store to buy accessories and accent pieces to liven up your rooms. Instead, head outside and see what nature can offer you for free. Think about leaves, flowers or even small branches, depending on the season.
You can fashion centerpieces, wall art, or accent pieces for counters or tables.
How to change your bedroom
You don’t need a bedroom set for a new look. Make a headboard and buy a new bedspread. To make the headboard, get an appropriately sized piece of wood and wrap it in foam. Cover that with fabric that complements your new bedspread.
Redecorate your furniture
Want end tables, dressers or bookcases? Would you settle for keeping the furniture that you’ve got and redecorating that? You can either repaint it or use inexpensive peel and stick wallpaper for funky, fresh patterns.
Be willing to do some legwork
You may be able to find room in the budget for new furniture and other décor items, but commit to never paying full price. Scout out garage sales, consignment shops, online marketplaces and “going out of business” sales.