Budget-friendly Holiday Tips

budgetgiftIt’s the thought that counts, right? This old adage is especially true if the thoughts surrounding your holiday gift shopping list are full of angst about the money that you’ll likely spend.

Truthfully, you don’t necessarily have to visit your mall and shell out big bucks to get giftie goodies for your friends and family. Here are some cool gift ideas that are budget-friendly and cool/useful (or both).


Kitchen Goodies

Think culinary gift basket-with an assortment of odds and ends from the kitchen (check out your local dollar store for cheap but cool tea towels, cooking utensils, dishware, tableware ,etc. etc).

Complete the basket with a homemade whatever your speciality is- baked goods, jams and jellies, homemade marinades and spice rubs).

Wrap it up with some pretty cellophane and ribbons.

Family Recipes

Still in the cooking vein here- does your family have any cherished dishes? Compile them all in a scrapbook, complete with family photos of you enjoying these dishes over the years. This is a great keepsake- that will be treasured (and used) for years to come.

The Gift of Giving

Help your friends and family stop accumulating “stuff” in their homes and make a difference at the same time.

Consider giving a charitable donation on their behalf. If they are active in a special cause then go that route. Another alternative is World Vision that lets you pick from a wide range of gifts to help families living in poverty. You can select things like immunizations, seeds, mosquito nets or even a goat.

Customized Mug

Get yourself a white mug, a stencil and a sharpie and make a masterpiece for your coffee lover’s morning cup of joe.

You can complete this gift by tucking a gift card to their favourite java house inside, and wrap with pretty cellophane.

Family Photo Wall Art

Got a great family photo or other shot that would look great blown up and hung up? Give it an arthouse appeal by having it stretched to canvas. Many photo outlets do this for less than $50 (check out places like Costco and Walmart).

If you are crafty and can assemble a wooden frame yourself, attaching the print around you, you can DIY this one and save even more money.