Get your car ready for summer to save money

With the summer driving season upon us, you may be dreaming of road trips and adventure. With the high price of gas, travelling by car is more expensive than ever. A little proactive maintenance and planning now can help you get your car ready for the pricey gas season and save at the pumps.

Get your car ready for summer to save money


Before you hit the road this summer, consider getting a tune-up done by your local mechanic. At the very least, it is a good idea to be aware of any potential problems that could be present with your car before you leave home.

It can also be more cost effective to take care of repairs when they are smaller.

Change the oil and filter

Getting regular oil changes and air filter changes will help your car run more efficiently. Be aware that the higher temperatures of the summer can change your car’s oil requirements, particularly if you have an older model car.

Check tire pressure

In order for your car to use fuel most efficiently, your tire pressure needs to be correct. Check the information on the inside of your car door to see what the ideal pressure range should be.

Lighten your load

Streamline your car by removing any unnecessary items that might weigh it down (i.e. what’s in the trunk?). If you are going on a trip, don’t over pack. Not only will you lug around more than you need, you will use more gas because your car will be heavier.

Gas saving tips

With gas prices skyrocketing, do what you can to be proactive to save money on gas. Make sure to research local gas prices to find out where the cheapest gas prices are. Don’t drive too far to get cheap gas though, as that kind of defeats the purpose.

Don’t wait until your car is on empty before you fill up, as you will be at the mercy of whatever price gas is at that moment, which can be very costly.