Don’t let your windows increase your heating bills

Don’t let your windows increase your heating bills

It’s the season that you’ve got the furnace running full tilt, which means that your bills are likely climbing as well. In some cases, those increases can be substantial. You may already be focused on some cost-saving measures, like turning the thermostat down, making sure your walls are adequately insulated and letting your ceiling fan run year-round. Additionally, it is well worth your while to pay attention to your windows during the coldest part of the year.

window heating cold winter

Glass is porous, which means that if you don’t create a barrier, your costly warm air is literally going out the windows.

Insulate With Film

One of the easiest ways to keep your warm air inside is to place window film on your windows. You can drop your heating bills substantially. Even better, this is an easy DIY job that you can get done in an afternoon. Window film kits are widely available at hardware stores too.

Tape film against the window frame to position. Use heat (most likely your hair dryer) to mold it tightly in place.

Use Drapes

Want to save money and spruce up your décor at the same time? Hang insulating drapes on your windows. These can help you save money year round.

In the winter, close them during the night and open during the day to take advantage of the heat of the sun.  In the summer, close them during the day so that the sun doesn’t increase the room temperature. It’s all about creating a barrier to the exterior temperature.

Solar Shades

These swanky looking shades don’t just look good; they work hard to heat your home in the winter, letting you turn the furnace down. They absorb sunlight and convert it to indoor radiant heat and reduce ice buildup on your windows.


Even tiny gaps around your windows are enough for warm air to escape through. Inspect each window and fill in any cracks or loose seals. It’s a small job that yields big savings.