Four sneaky ways to shave your spending

budgetIf you are going through your budget with a magnifying glass, here are some small, but meaningful areas in which you might be able to squeeze out some more savings.

Cash flow(ing out)

We are constantly preaching the budgetary benefits of living a cash-based life and ditching the plastic. However, you’ve got to plan your withdrawals accordingly. ATM fees are huge (especially if you are forced to use a 3rd party machine) and can add up to several dollars per transaction. If you are grabbing $20 here and there, that can really, really add up.

Plan your withdrawals, or take advantage of getting cashback if making a debit purchase.

Fill up that inbox

Which would you prefer, an inbox full of advertisements or a full wallet? What if one helped contribute to the other? I’m always signing up for newsletters and “special offers” from my favourite retailers and service providers. Not only do you get deals and sales info sent right to your mailbox, you are often given a discount simply for signing up- sometimes on an ongoing basis or for your next purchase. This is particularly true when it comes to travel stuff, like hotel and car rental companies, where prices fluctuate wildly and competition is fierce.

Price Matching

While I do curse that lady/man/family in line in front of me, armed with their flyers, ready to whittle their grocery bill down (because it always happens when I’m running late), I do admire their organizational skills. I also am a little jealous, because I know that they are walking away paying less than I did for the same items.

Promo codes

Before you make any purchase online, do a quick google for promo codes for the retailer or the item that you’re buying. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but it is worth trying to plug them in an hope for the best.