Money quotes that can help you save money

You’re probably familiar with a number of famous money quotes but have you ever really paused to consider the meaning of the message? Although many money sayings are cliché, their wisdom can really help you save money and succeed with your budgeting.

money quotes

A penny saved is a penny earned

When it comes to saving, every little bit counts. And every penny that goes into your savings means that you don’t have to rely on credit to fund expenses that you haven’t counted on. In that way, your savings actually boosts your income.

Another way of looking at this one is for retirement savings. Every penny you save now from your “earnings” literally will be your income down the road.

Time is money

Wherever and whenever you can DIY, you will save money. Convenience of any kind always comes at a premium price. Using elbow grease in the kitchen or with home repairs and maintenance will save you lots of cash.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

If you have kids, guaranteed that you’ve said this one at least a zillion times. The message here is that you have a finite supply of money and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This is the mantra of the cash-only lifestyle that can help you avoid accumulating debt.

A fool and his money are soon parted

The smart shopper plans his/her purchases as they fit into their budget. They avoid impulse shopping at all costs, because that is one of the most common ways to spend beyond your means.

The “fool” in this scenario is the shopper who doesn’t have a budget or who engages in a little too much retail therapy. Before long, money is spent before you even receive it- just to service debt.

Money burning a hole in your pocket

When it comes to spending, hurry up and wait. Always press pause on the purchase button to make sure that you can afford it and that it’s a worthwhile purchase. Get in the habit of walking away or even sleeping on it.