Overcoming debt fatigue

Are you familiar with the term “debt fatigue”? It’s when you’ve been trying to pay down your debt, but you lose focus, momentum and ultimately hope- that you’ll be able to be debt free.

Don’t throw in the towel. Stay on course and you will pay that debt down and reap the benefits of debt-free living. Here is how you should tackle debt fatigue and continue to pay down your debt.

debt fatigue


Rather than letting your fatigue and your doubt take over, acknowledge what is going on. You most likely didn’t get into debt overnight, and it’s going to take a period of time to get out of debt. That said, paying off debt requires commitment and sacrifice, usually over an extended period of time, which is hard.

Realize that it is hard and that it is ok to feel the way that you do.

Restate your goals

It can be helpful to restate your goals. Out loud. Remind yourself why you are doing this. Make your goals visible all over your home (pictures, post-it notes in high-traffic areas) and adopt a mantra to repeat to yourself when times are tough.

Pick a lower balance bill

Perhaps you’ve been trying to pay off your highest interest rate bill first? This is a good strategy, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, you might be better off to try to pay a lower balance bill first. This can motivate you to keep on going.

Revisit your budget

Perhaps the problem is that your budget, while well-intentioned, is too stringent. It can be hard to live on a super strict budget in the long term. Retool your budget to see if you can still accomplish your goal in a similar time frame, but with less sacrifice.

Find balance

Find an outlet to help you get through to your goal, whether it is exercise, looking to friends and family for encouragement or using some sort of creative outlet. Having somewhere to blow off steam can rejuvenate you and help you focus.

Reward yourself

Plan to reward yourself in your budget every now and then. Doing so will encourage you to keep going and you won’t feel guilty spending that money.