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5 ways to upcycle
Want to make your monthly budget go further? Learn the fine art of upcycling, where you can repurpose what you’ve already got, avoiding the need to spend more on new purchases.
Renting an apartment? How to save money
Rent makes up a substantial portion of your household monthly budget. When you are living paycheque to paycheque, or trying to find extra room in your budget to achieve other financial goals, this is one cost that you should try to reduce. As a renter, here are some ways you can reduce your apartment costs.
Meal planning to help your budget
One of the biggest cost centres (i.e. areas in which you can cut back with creative spending) of course is your groceries. You can stand to save a lot of money right out of the box, simply by meal planning.
What are the major causes of debt?

What are the major causes of debt? Do you ever wonder how people end up with sizeable debt loads? Do you worry that this will happen to you? There are common reasons why people end up with debt. It can help to know what these factors are so that you can work towards avoiding these […]

How to improve your financial health

How to improve your financial health If you make staying in good health a top priority, good for you! Keep those good habits going to improve your financial health. Much like taking care of your physical health, staying financially healthy means being mindful and adopting some positive behaviour on a regular basis. Set a budget […]