Questions to ask before you renovate your home

Questions to ask before you renovate

You may be fully inspired to tackle take on your home for renovations, but before you swing that hammer, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself.

How much can I afford?

The very first step in planning your project is to figure out what your budget is. After you’ve determined what your absolute top end of your budget is, you can move ahead with planning. It’s important to start with your budget and then build your plans from there, not the other way around.

You’ve also got to consider how you will pay for the job at hand. Savings, obviously is best, but what other options do you have- maybe a homeowner’s line of credit or a mortgage refinance. Another option is to space jobs out until you have the cash in hand to cover it, avoiding taking debt out at all.

How will I live during renovations?

What sort of timeline will your renovation extend over? How will this disrupt your life? Are you living on-site or offsite? Will you need to live in a smaller space or do without bathroom or kitchen facilities for part or all of your renovation?

One thing to know is that home renovations almost always go beyond their intended timeline. How will this impact you? Living in a construction zone is very stressful, even if you fully expect it.

Will this renovation increase the value of my home?

What’s the goal of your renovation? Some renos are simply for you to put your own personal stamp on your home. Others will actually increase your home’s value. Some of the jobs that yield the best return on investment are kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors.

Have I hired the right people?

If you are using a contractor, do you have an agreement in writing? Have they provided you with references? Have you sorted out the details around the job, like work hours and washroom use? Is he responsible for getting materials or are you?

Asking questions in advance increases the chances of renovation success.