Spring Break Staycation!

staycationYou always know your level of winter cabin fever by this time of the winter. Mine has reached “packed suitcase by the door, just in case”(As in just in case the chance to head south appears).

Alas, freezing temps aside, for many, Spring Break is a stay-at-home holiday- either because of budget or inability to get the time off, or both. Not to worry- good times are still to be had!

It’s all about attitude, creativity and planning.

Try Something New

Is there something that you’ve wanted to try out as a family, but never seem to have time? Some outdoor winter faves, like snowshoeing and downhill skiing are much more pleasant with spring-like temps.

Spring Break also usually has try-before-you buy type offers to lure the reluctant out of hibernation. Check out your local ski hill, park or rec centre and see what specials they have (note- ski hills in particular, sell family or group passes, offering you a discount).

Sleepover during the week

Having a sleepover on a “school night” falls into the same category as eating breakfast for supper. Routine take notice- we are throwing you on your ear for the sake of fun. Kids love that alone.

Have your kids invite their favourite pals over- and no worries about getting to bed on time- you can sleep all day the next day. Even if it is a Tuesday!

Indoor Fun

Can’t head to the park and play? (although you always can, but the sandbox might be off limits!) Hit an indoor amusement spot- like a trampoline park, indoor mini-golf, or indoor amusement park.

A word to the wise though, head around supper time, and you may miss the massive crowds that congregate during prime-time morning or afternoon.


Family bowling? Why not? It’s fun, relatively inexpensive and kills an hour or two. Not to mention there are cool shoes involved.

Sugar off

Depending on where you live, spring is the time to head out into the country to a sugar shack and learn how maple syrup is made. Oh- and then you get to sample the wares. Yum!