Spring break traveller? Save money

11325057-travel--winter-vacation-world-monuments-and-mountainsAre you lucky enough to be heading off on holidays for Spring Break? Although you may have already paid for (or budgeted) for your trip, be well aware that your spending is far from over. There is nothing like a little vacation-motivated impulse spending to rack up the cards and/or blow your budget.

The meals

If you are staying somewhere with kitchen facilities-great! You’re going to knock off some major food expenses by being able to eat in, right off the bat.

If you are staying in a regular hotel room, there are still opportunities to cut back on your food costs. Some hotels include breakfast with the room rate. Inquire before you go. While you’re on the phone, find out if there is a mini-fridge and/or a microwave in your room. You can stock up on some small supplies and do continental breakfast in your room (if you’ve got room in your suitcase, throw in a waffle iron, even).

You can even get sandwich supplies and pack yourself a picnic lunch while you are out touring.

Skip the gift shop

Although attraction admissions can be expensive, the real spending comes at the gift shop- which is always conveniently positioned so that you (and your toy-hungry children) have to walk through at the end of your visit.

Negotiate this one before you even go in the attraction. Set ground rules about no purchases- or set a budget limit on what they are allowed to spend.


Yes, it is more convenient to hail a cab, but it is far more cost-effective to use public transportation, or to walk. Find out about getting multi-day public transport passes to save even more money.

Souvenir Saver

Do you really need another T-shirt or knick-knack? Not really. Instead of filling up your suitcase (and emptying your wallet) with things you don’t really need, take pictures instead. Invest in a nice frame when you get home. Cheaper- and far more meaningful.