5 ways to upcycle

Want to make your monthly budget go further? Learn the fine art of upcycling, where you can repurpose what you’ve already got, avoiding the need to spend more on new purchases.

ways to upcycle

Repaint old dressers

Your bedroom furniture may look like it has seen better days, but it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to your furniture. Dressers especially can be brought into the current decade. Simply sand down, clean and apply a couple of coats of paint.

For extra bling, replace drawer pulls with something new and fancy.

Plastic bottle watering can/planter

Before you throw those plastic bottles out into the recycling, punch holes in their lids to use as a watering can. Another handy use for these is for your garden planters. Cut the bottle in half and use the bottom.


Your ladder isn’t just for cleaning your gutters or hanging your Christmas lights. After your ladder has run its course, bring it inside and use it for a shoe organizer or remove the rungs and replace with baskets for storage.

Washing machine drum

Covet a backyard fireplace and family bonfires, but don’t want to shell out top dollar to buy one? Once your washing machine is finished, remove the drum and paint it with BBQ paint, which is heat resistant. You’ve got a funky and affordable backyard fireplace. All you need now are marshmallows.

Plumbing pipes

Over time, you will invariably need to replace plumbing pipes as they age. Instead of throwing them out, drill holes in them and connect to water hoses. You’ve got a DIY sprinkler/waterpark for the kids this summer.

Another way to use plumbing pipes is as a funky planter. Spray with paint of your choice and mount on the wall, with open pipe ends to house your plants.